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Tonya Walker


Tonya Walker is a woman after God’s own heart. She received her Salvation at the tender age of 12, but was called to a closer walk with the Lord at the age of 27.  Her journey began by reading the Word of God, praying, attending church services, listening to sermons by renowned, well-taught ministers, and serving in various capacities of ministry. 

Like so many others, she began to build without first counting up the cost; without anticipating that this relationship between she and her Lord might require her to lay some things and people down on the altar of sacrifice.  Tonya hadn’t considered that to walk with Christ and know the one and only wise God, it would consist of suffering to some degree. Primarily because she didn’t know she needed to know; but also, because that is what religion and mere church experiences produce – weak disadvantaged people, who believe that regular church attendance will yield riches, and tangible things that, if not managed correctly, can become a form of idolatry in the eyes of the Lord.  Tonya did not know that true Christianity requires a life of obedience and total submission unto God, which in turn produces a firm foundation in Christ and a true encounter with Him. 

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People often say that while they have a desire to draw closer to God through reading the Bible, they don’t! In fact, many would rather attend a service at “Bedside Baptist” to show their good deed or belief in God. For those who do, they typically approach it with apprehension or reluctance because they do not understand the Bible. Whether it is the parables of Jesus, the various versions of the Bible, or the archaic language (which seems to have been written for an earlier period in time), all of these reasons have, unfortunately, extinguished people’s desire to read God’s written word. 


For these reasons (and many more), devotional commentaries have proven to be beneficial in assisting both new and seasoned Christians with studying the Bible. These interpretive pieces are written by gifted communicators who have received revelation from the Holy Spirit.  As such, they are able to communicate God’s Word with depth and clarity, while also contextualizing the text. As a disclaimer, it’s important to note that commentaries (whether devotional, expositional, exegetical or homiletical) are not written as a replacement to the Bible, and should never be viewed as such; but as an aid to the reader to gain a deeper understanding of God’s written word.


In this modern-day devotional commentary, the author aims to provide insight into God’s written word and inspire readers to grow in their love for Christ.  Each piece provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of the Scriptures and how to apply them in their personal lives when suffering in the areas of health, wealth and family.  Each piece will assist the reader on how to seek God when faith seems to be diminished, when they’re in a backslidden state, have fallen into unbelief, and/or when they’re required to lay something or someone down on the altar of sacrifice in order to gain THAT which is far better. 


Tonya Walker is a native of St. Louis, Missouri (though raised in Los Angeles California).  She attended Webster University, where she holds a B.A. in media communications and a minor in political science.  Tonya enjoys buying, flipping and leasing homes, and holds the title of Real Estate Investor.  Tonya is the mother of one daughter, Kennedi L. Walker, whom God blessed her with past child-bearing age.  When she is not fulfilling her motherly, ministerial, and real estate duties, she enjoys listening to music and running.


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