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Tonya recalls when her desire to study the Word of God in a deeper way became apparent.  She would read Scripture and almost instantaneously receive clear revelation of what those words meant both corporately and personally for her life.  As such, Tonya began to interpret and write commentary on Scripture.  It started small, and was more of a hobby than a passion, since in those days she was knee deep in undergrad studies and climbing the corporate ladder. Tonya recalls sending out Scripture with a one-or-two-sentence commentary to select contacts via email. Over the years, those sentences grew to paragraphs, and now, they’re ranging anywhere from 2-5 pages of texts.  Clueless to the fact that writing is what she was born to do, life happened! As such, it brought about many trials in the form of closed doors, which prevented her from reaching for things and people she once considered her source. People who should have been there but wasn’t; education that should have qualified her for career advancement, but didn’t; and experience in corporate America that equipped her with a skill-set, but later proved to be impotent against the will of God for her life.


It was to this end she recognized that God was leading her in a different direction, and one that included ministry.  Tonya heard the Spirit of God say, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord.” It was then that Tonya embraced God’s leading and began to submit to the process and calling on her life, which is in fact to write devotional commentaries on Scripture.  This calling was not absent of a requirement to go deeper in prayer, fasting, consecration, and into a deeper study of God’s Word. As a result, her thirst for truth and righteousness eventually changed the overall trajectory of her life. 


Today, she uses her gift of interpretation of Scripture to provide insight into God’s written word and inspire readers to grow in their love for Christ.  Tonya is a native of St. Louis, Missouri (though raised in Los Angeles, California). She attended Webster  University,  where  she  holds  a  B.A.  in  media communications and a minor in political science.  Tonya enjoys buying, flipping and leasing homes, and holds the title of Real Estate Investor.  She is the mother of one daughter, Kennedi L. Walker, whom God blessed her with past child-bearing age.  When Tonya is not fulfilling her motherly, ministerial, and real estate duties, she enjoys listening to music and running.   

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